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Lucky Girl

Ester, you are very lucky to grow up on a farm. Being a 'city' family, we don't have the experience you do with all the animals and I'm sure it is so fun playing with your siblings on such a big yard. It must be so neat to cuddle with the baby animals and help your Mom and Dad with the chores too : ) I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks.

Wanda Froese Cable more than 5 years ago


I love to fish in fact I once I caught a fish at Crystal lake,Saskatchewan
But I let it go because my dad made me.

Erika dewald more than 5 years ago

My limited experience on the farm.

Thank you so much for letting us know how your day-to-day life plays out on the farm. I never lived on a farm but as a child had the opportunity to visit on summer vacation . I couldn't believe where milk came from because I was used to just seeing it in the bottle. It took me awhile to drink it after I actually saw where it came from. My first trip through the barn .... a cow peed on my feet .... I left the barn running at lightening speed. It is interesting to view your farm life experiences through young eyes. THANKS AGAIN for taking the time to do this. Your mother's Aunt Sharon

Sharon Rideout more than 5 years ago


I grew up on a farm too, in Minnesota then later moved to a farm here in Saskatchewan. My farm memory is having to get up early and go out and milk the cows. In the winter I loved crawling into the hay mangers to keep warm between changing milkers. I really have NO love for cows though. I agree with you Ester that a farm is the best place to grow up. Keep up the good job!!!

Rod Johnson more than 5 years ago

nice picture

wow nice picture.

Caleb Wildman more than 5 years ago


I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, one of my favorite things was looking into the cow's eyes. Maybe your sheep have as beautiful eyes as they did.

Linda Dewald more than 5 years ago

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