The Lambs are Here!!

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Esther, how well you write, so descriptive; I agree with the person who wrote, " painted such great pictures with your words that it was like being right there." I am so glad I was able to visit with you (relative) and see the lambs, and all the other creatures your family tends. Thank you and God bless, Marge

MargeOlsen more than 5 years ago

Great story

Loved your story Esther. Made me wish I could have been there with you. How exciting.

Lyn more than 5 years ago

Thanks for the lamb story!

Your story about the lambs is so good Esther!! You are very observant and a terrific writer. I live in the city and have never seen a baby lamb being born. It must have been so exciting for you. Thanks for sharing!

Bev more than 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing all about lambs!

Hi Esther; Thanks for sharing the stories about the lambs. You are a wonderful writer. I will be watching for more of your blogs! Sounds like the sheep and lambs have lots of special care at your farm!

Carol Marriott more than 5 years ago

Esther's blog

What a great blog, and what a good writer you are, Esther. Even if you hadn't included actual photos, you painted such great pictures with your words that it was like being right there.

Keep writing. We want to hear more from you!

Leigh Carter more than 5 years ago

Thank you

What a great article, Esther. Thank you so much for sharing. The lambs are so precious.
I hope you will share more of your adventures. more than 5 years ago

Great Blog!

Esther, I enjoyed reading your blog. You explained everything so well. I really liked reading about what the lambs do as soon as they're born and how their mothers communicate with them. Great job!

Bianca Gabris more than 5 years ago

Sweet lambs!

I really enjoyed your article about the lambs being born - well done! It really gave me a feeling of being there. I wish I lived on a farm with lambs - maybe one day, I shall!
Meanwhile, keep writing about the the things you delight in and sharing your wonderful life in the country!

Joan Massey more than 5 years ago


We LIKE this so very much! What a nice article! We have read "Mountain Born". We liked it a lot, especially the part when he gets his coat made from Biddy's wool. Keep writing, Esther! That was really good!

Dezell Domke more than 5 years ago

Pretty Exciting!

It must have been very fun to have a lamb in the house. I treat our puppy like a lamb - we play with it a lot and we play with it a lot outside too. Too bad you didn't get to keep Stampy! Maybe if we get another boy lamb maybe we could call him Stampy!

Esther more than 5 years ago

Well written!

Esther, you make me want to come to your ranch!
When I read this it felt like I was there watching the animals!
Please keep writing!

Isa more than 5 years ago

Pretty Exciting!

I love your descriptions of the babies being born! This is just about the most exciting thing in the whole world. I feel that way when my baby chicks are born. Each little baby is so fun to get to know and they are all different. It's great how the moms' know which one is theirs.
Thank you so much for sharing your story. Your love and excitement is catching and now I wish I had baby lambs to watch.
One time we did have a baby lamb that I was looking after for a friend because the lambs mom didn't' want him. I didn't' have a proper fence to keep him in so we kept him in the house. We called him Stampy because he loved to stamp his feet around the house. He didn't' stay with us very long though. He sure loved his bottle, and we liked to watch his little tail when we feed him. He was such a happy little lamb.
Enjoy your babies! :)

Karry Ann more than 5 years ago

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