Why does my Subscription Order go to Nova Scotia?

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Thank you Brent for your considerate response. It really does come down to cost and the best possible customer service option. The Oysters are fabulous at customer service and we have been very pleased with their communications with our subscribers. As always - thanks for the encouragement!

Lisa Zepeda, Prairies North Magazine more than 4 years ago


people must understand, that subsciptions require a lot of man hours to process, the Oysters have the manpower, computer system etc. to collect, manage, track and deliver the information for magazines such as Prairies North---if the magazine tried to set up this type of service and run it, it would not only cost them money for software but also manpower to manage---it is far more cost effective for small buisnesses to out source such services. Yes it would be nice if this was done at home, but the magazine is a buisness thus must operate as such---getting the BEST SERVICE at the most REASONABLE cost ensures that the Prairies North Magazine can not only make a profit thus a living for their employees but also can deliver a very high quality and might I say a very interesting and informative magazine to your mail box---Keep up the great work people

Brent Miller more than 4 years ago

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