Breaking into the Ad Bank

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Good catch

Thanks for noticing my typo, Bill. All fixed now. Sure beats printing on paper :-).

Michelle Hughes more than 4 years ago

Selling ads

Lovely story. I too sold ads. In the summer of 1957 I found myself a fresh student at the University of Saskatchewan. On or about the first day of classes a nice young lady announced that the Sheaf needed some sales people to sell ads. I went to the office in the dim recesses of Saskatchewan Hall and presented myself as an inexperienced but willing salesman for the advertising department.I was also the only volunteer. The editor accepted my application and also made me the Advertising Manager of the 1957 summer edition of the sheaf.I made my calls with sheer fear gripping at my eighteen year old heart, but kind buyers took pity on me and the ads got sold. My ego knew no bounds when the paper was published and on the masthead along with the names of the editor and other staff there was for all to see: Ed Tokarchik, Advertising manager.

Ed Tokarchik more than 4 years ago

good deal

Might as well quit at the top of your game. Great story. If you ever want to do a deal with Canon, better spell their name right, though.

Bill Armstrong more than 4 years ago

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