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Been a subscriber for many years, lean something new about our great province each month. Keep up the excellent work

bob ferguson more than 4 years ago

A real gem of a magazine

I first picked up and read a copy of your magazine whilst over on vacation from Scotland back in 2010. The moment i started reading i fell in love with both the Province and magazine. It really is a magazine to be proud of and serve's a wonderfull Province well.

William Anderson more than 4 years ago

Saskatchewan Naturally Magazine

I fell in love with your Magazine by the second issue. I was disappointed when the name was changed but I have never lost my love and appreciation for a fine magazine that depicts this wonderful province and the people that live here.

Clara Derksen more than 4 years ago

the story so far

it's always fascinating to read stories about folks who set out to do the impossible, or at least just plain crazy. I'm hooked and waiting for the next chapter..

Bill more than 4 years ago

Your magazine

I think you have done an awesome job in your 15 years!! I have missed an awful lot of your adventures!! How do you decide what areas of Sk, each issue will cover? Keep up your good work. I am learning lots of the province I was raised in!

Helen Bergman more than 4 years ago


What a Saskatchewan-ish story of courage, energy and even naivete. I was delighted to discover Prairies North magazine a few years ago and find it so rich in presentation and content. Having moved away from the province several decades ago, it takes me back and invites me back to re-discover my beloved roots. Thank you.

Dorothy Nelson more than 4 years ago

Your "In The Beginning Blog"

So inspirational and we are so thankful that you had the idea....
I'm looking forward to reading the next episode...

Anna-Denise McGonigal more than 4 years ago

Launch of Prairies North


Love your blog. Very interesting story even for those of us who think we are 'in the know'. Thanks for taking the time to share.

Faith Drinnan more than 4 years ago

re. In the Begining

thanks...great story! love the photo, too :)

Sam Stackhouse McLennan more than 4 years ago

Well done, Michelle

I missed the launch of Saskatchewan Naturally and find it fascinating to read what started your fifteen year journey in excellence.
I can hardly wait for the next instalment!

Patricia Kachman more than 4 years ago

Lionel and Michelle's publishing adventure

Can't wait to hear the whole story!

Jack Leighton more than 4 years ago

WOW factor

I commend you folks for the journey you embarked upon with this beautiful Saskatchewan publication - it is a winner. Sitting here at my computer as I offer these comments I can look over my left shoulder to view every single issue of Prairies North (formerly Saskatchewan Naturally) all neatly bound beginning with the Spring 1999 issue plus prior to that I possess and have bound the "Premier Issue" - Wow!
Would you please stand and take three bows to be duly recognized.

Paul Baskey more than 4 years ago


Fun to hear about your magazine's beginnings. For our part, you have succeeded in helping people far away discover and appreciate a province we knew little about. A wonderful testimony of your marriage and family partnership with help from community and civic sources.We look forward to future issues. Bravo from friends on the West Coast!

Cathy Williams more than 4 years ago

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