Saskatchewan Pride School Project

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Saskatchewan Pride School Project

I am a regular subscriber to your magazine, and was quite excited as I read your article this morning. I was hoping, as I read it, that you were considering doing something like that again.I am a Teacher Librarian in two neighbouring schools and would love to have acess to those large Saskatchewan maps. I also use your magazine in the classrooms, and to preserve your beautiful photos also laminate the pages.
What an exciting collection of materials that were compiled.
I am also a Home Ec teacher in one of the schools, and enjoy your articles on Saskatchewan foods, restaurants and the recipes. One of my Grade 10 student projects is to design a menu, for their personal restaurant, using predominantly Saskatchewan food products.It introduces the students to the multiple varities of products that are produced in our great province. They have great enjoyment coming up with Saskatchewan names for their menu items. Your magazine is an excellent resource for this activity.
Thank you for the great magazine.
Arlene Pederson Allan/Colonsay Schools

Arlene Pederson more than 4 years ago

School Projects

Arlene - we would love to see one of your student project menus made with Saskatchewan food products. If you send in a few photos we may be able to post them in our online community (Facebook, Website, Pinterest, Twitter). This may give your students an extra incentive to do a nice job. Feel free to email me with one or two that you feel are well done!

Lisa Zepeda, Digital Media Manager, Prairies North more than 4 years ago

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