Calling all Saskatchewan Snowbirds

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Signing in...-reply

Joan, I definitely agree about the hoarfrost and the beauty of the winter. I suppose you are among the many die hard Saskatchewan people who can enjoy the cold weather a bit more when it is balanced with the beauty of the place.

Lisa Zepeda more than 4 years ago

Oceanside California - Reply

Myrtle and Leonard, here is hoping we will have a little nicer weather for your return. I hesitate to trust the weather forecast though! Since I am on the farm it is really best if we don't hit above 0 during the winter months as it just makes a big mess. It is really nice that you can spend some time in Oceanside, CA. Probably a little disappointing that it was cooler than expected. I think many would agree with you that the winters here are not so bad except when we get the worst of the cold spells. Safe travels!

Lisa Zepeda more than 4 years ago

Signing in from....

Just got back to Saskatchewan from a trip to my former home in Southern BC (The Okanagan) to visit my family. Sure is a lot warmer there! Strangely enough, I found myself missing all the gorgeous hoarfrost displays back home in the Parkland Region while I was gone. There is no place as beautiful in Winter as Saskatchewan! Amazingly enough, I can still say that when it's -31C with a severe windchill warning out with current values at -44.
I must belong here!
Stay cozy! ;-)

Joan Massey more than 4 years ago

Oceanside California

'Twas a beautiful 23F day in Oceanside today! but I know exactly what you mean - we do love Saskatchewan - we even love winter in Saskatchewan - just not the coldest part! We actually got in on some rather cool California temperatures this month - for which I know you could not care! Anyway - back to the good old prairies next week for us - maybe you will have a little warm spell to welcome us back.

Myrtle & Leonard more than 4 years ago

Guayabitos, Mexico - Reply

Sounds just so dreamy to have two months away in the sun particularly while I am up here pumping the Vitamin D :-) So happy for you that you can enjoy family and still remain connected to your home here in the North! Wishing you many happy siestas!

Lisa Zepeda more than 4 years ago

Winter Texans Reply

Marti and Laurie - there must be quite a number of Canadians in Texas in February if you are having an Extravaganza!! Would love for you to send me a picture of yourselves at the event!! Enjoy! PS - its -35 today :-(

Lisa Zepeda more than 4 years ago

Winter Texans

We are known as Winter Texans and are enjoying our 6th winter in Mission, TX.
Looking forward to the Canadian Snowbirds Winter Texan Extravaganza in McAllen February 4 & 5, 2013.

Marty & Laurie Lidgren more than 4 years ago

Guayabitos, Mexico

Greetings from Guayabitos, Mexico! We are fortunate to be able to spend a couple months here every year. We have been enjoying the heat, food and company while catching the Scotties and cheering for our favourite, Team Paulsen!! Facebook, emails and texting keep us close to family and friends. Our neighbours in Saskatchewan periodically send us pictures of our yard and the snow, so we really feel like we are right there with you!! (but with sunscreen lavishly applied! ) Keep warm... adios

Anne Paulsen more than 4 years ago


Lisa - I love that your Kuerig has brewed you such nice tea! Thanks for commenting on my blog - I SO agree that this has been a particularly long winter already given how early it started. Oh gosh I laughed when you ended with to the hockey rink after you warm up the truck - so true!

Lisa Zepeda more than 4 years ago

Saskatchewan Snowbirds

I was sitting at my island drinking my Kuerig brewed Zen tea, answering emails when I came upon your blog about your snowbird friends. It's only mid January, but winter has already seemed very long this year. Well we sometimes do get away in the winter for a week of sun and warmth, this year it was not to be. While curled up on the couch under a fluffy blanket, playing scrabble on my IPad, listening to my husband clean the snow off the driveway (again), I often think of our friends who have purchased places in Arizona, or are holidaying in some beautiful hot location. But, like most years, I am already beginning to dream of summer at the cabin. I can picture myself sitting on the deck or lounging in the boat visiting with family. Maybe some day we will be able to take extended time to travel in the winter, but for now, knowing what is coming when winter ends, at my favourite place in the world, the cabin, keeps me going. Now, off to the hockey rink...after I warm up the truck.

Lisa more than 4 years ago