Prairie Mother

Courtesy Elma Schemenauer

Mothers of the Prairie

The first generation of European women on the prairie provided the foundation for family and community life that made settlement a viable enterprise.




Glenbow Archives NA-2878-15

The role of women in Doukhobor settlement was significant and it is little wonder they left such a deep impression on succeeding generations. more


King James Bible

Ruth Bitner

The Athol Murray College of Notre Dame in Wilcox is well known for its hockey players. Its rare book library holds some of literature's all-stars thanks to Father Athol's passion for paper. more

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Cobalt Bomb Timeline

Angie Ishak

The Cobalt-60 dosage calculations determined by Dr. Fedoruk and her team would go on to become the worldwide standard for cancer treatment; see the timeline from the 1940s to today. more


Swift Current past present collage

Swift Current

Swift Current has a long history in Saskatchewan and it has changed a lot over the years. Here are a few of our favourite photos from the city's past and present. more


John Francis Nicholson

Sue Nicholson

Throughout her childhood, Sue Nicholson's father recounted stories about his exploits during the Second World War. Here, she meets the ghost of her youthful father on the streets of Swift Current. more


Sylvia Fedoruk and Ed Epp

U of S Archives, Harold Johns Collection, MG 372

In late fall 1951, the University of Saskatchewan’s pioneering medical physics team and mechanical wizard John McKay put the final touches on an innovative new machine, the cobalt-60 therapy unit also called the “cobalt bomb.” more


Gordon Bucek with photo of birthplace

Carolynn Bucek

Often, the stories we publish touch lives in ways we cannot predict, as with the story "People of Sod, People of God," published in our fall 2008 issue. Here, Gordon Bucek recounts his surprising connection to our magazine. more

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