Chasing Jiggers

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Chasing Jiggers

I am the editor of a newsletter, "The Milepost" for the Wpg. Rail Museum. My wife's cousins in Saskatoon sent me a copy of this article some time ago. I found it extremely interesting, and have referenced it in our November 2012 edition. I hope the author, and your publication, do not have any objections. If you like, I will send you a copy of the newletter.

Douglas King more than 4 years ago


Enroute to Rider game in Regina yesterday we saw about 40 jiggers on the tracks. The next morning they end up having breakfast in the Birsay Kitchen! They belong to the "jigger club" and are traveling around Saskatchewan. Club members are from all different parts of the states! Interesting!

Cindy more than 5 years ago