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Bomb Shelter

There are some scenarios that you might think they will never come your way, but I have learnt from other people’s experiences that bombs exit. If a bomb shelter will protect me and my family against bomb fallout, then that’s what I will do. Your article has really been helpful. You can read more on bomb shelter here: []

John Smith more than 1 year ago

I lived in a railway station that had one.

The big thing I remember was an air recirculator that had a crank handle on it . They dug a trench about 8- 10 ft. deep and 3 ft. wide then built the shelter , the soil under the shelter was supposed to be protected so if we were still alive after the prescribed time period the soil could be used to grow plants. There were dehydrated seeds if memory stands correct. There was also tablets to purify urine to be able to use as drinking water. It was strange because we were the only family in the village that had one so had lots of "good" friends just in case. I doubt anyone would have been able to live in there for the time they said we would, it was 10 - 12 yrs. I think and there sure wasn't enough stuff in there to last that long. I'm amazed there is one left because after the cold war era they came around and bulldozed it into the ground.

Dawn more than 2 years ago