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Tickets for Theatre on the Hoof

Their big show is July 1 at the grand re-opening of the Wild Animal Park in Moose Jaw. There are no tickets for the event, but it $10 at the gate. Gates open at 11:30 a.m. They will ride in at noon and the show starts at 12:30 p.m. and carries on through the afternoon. They are encouraging people to bring a lunch and a lawn chair.

There will be other shows this summer including one at the RCMP Heritage Centre on Aug. 11. He said he would email me details of this later on a and I said we could likely post it to FB for him.

This year's shows are somewhat experimental and they are planning on launching this production fully in 2013 with corporate sponsors and community buy-in. They plan to approach us to become a sponsor. We'll see what happens.

Lisa - Prairies North Magazine more than 5 years ago


Where can we get tickets for this?

Karen Green more than 5 years ago

Upcoming performances

Here's what we know of the upcoming performances: Canada Day (July 1st) at the Wakamow Valley in Moose Jaw (former wild animal park); and August 11th at the RCMP Heritage Centre.

Michelle Hughes more than 5 years ago

medicine line

At the former Wild animal Park, July 1

more than 5 years ago

medicine line

what is the date and precise location of this production?

Lois Carol Mitchell more than 5 years ago