How to Select a Cover Shot

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Ever since I've been subscribed to your magazine ,I thoroughly enjoy it , It's so close to home.
I was over thrilled when I recieved your call about the last Best contest that you had.I was a winner, couldn't believe it. I really enjoyed all the products ,but my question is how do we get these p`roducts down here in southern Saskatchewan? This winning made my day I just recieved it just in time of my 70th. birthday, on August 19th.I have kept every issue that I've recieved, This winter I had the pleaure of photo graphing deer at my back door on my deck. I couldn't belive that deer would climb stairs to get at some food. My flower pots still had all the dried plants in them.The snow cover this winter made i hard for them to feed. I also had an opportunity to video Red Polls feeding on a feeder right out of my back door again. I have the deer photo's posted on my facebook page. Keep up the good work I love your magazine. Oh by the way why didn't I get your post cards for our town's Centennial celebration? ( Lafleche) Yvonne.

Yvonne Jalbert more than 4 years ago