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Expat consolation

I left Saskatchewan when I was 19, but it is still "home" for me; the older I get, the more I value my Sask. roots. Prairies North helps keep me updated--it's not the same place I grew up in! but it still has the character I remember (and hopefully I still exhibit those traits).

Dorothy Nelson more than 3 years ago

prairie lily

I am thrilled with your magazine ! Whenever we are invited to a wedding or anniversary we include a subscription to your magazine with their gift. We are hopeful that couple will continue to subscribe long after we have shared this gift with them.
My hear sings when I see the prairie lily included in your magazine. It just makes it feel even more prairie.

I too read my magazine from cover to cover upon receiving it - including the advertisements!

The quality of the magazine is superior as is the actually paper that the magazine is published on. Hope that with the rising costs of all things that the magazine can continue to unfold just as it is doing now.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Debbie Read

Debbie more than 3 years ago

Thank you

Thank you so much for your kind words Debbie! It truly warms our heart to see that people appreciate what we are doing with the magazine. Thank you again for expressing such wonderful encouragement.

Prairies North Magazine more than 3 years ago