Get outside to learn about nature

Learning about the natural world can be as easy as going for a walk outside, but Saskatchewan is also rife with more formal outdoor education opportunities. more »


Who Says Where the Water Should Flow?

The Quill Lakes, Last Mountain Lake, and the Qu’Appelle Lakes are the heart of south central Saskatchewan’s water resource. They are also the heart of an emerging crisis in water management. more »



Darcy Dietrich

Reshaped by the Flood

Two friends explore the creation of a new lake in the Cypress Hills to photograph and journal the transformation of a common prairie landscape into a wetland. more »

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Eastern Kingbird

Sharie & David Krughoff

The Eastern Kingbird, by Sharie & David Krughoff

When nesting, eastern kingbirds are solitary creatures and feed primarily on insects. They have a strong attachment to nesting sites, returning year after year. more »


Sharing the Wild With Bears

The lure of northern Saskatchewan waterways means paddlers will certainly cross paths with bears. more »



Sharie & David Krughoff

Songs of the Swan & Goose

Sharie and David Krughoff observe the peaceful co-existence of the tundra swan and white-fronted goose. That these two species enjoy healthy, unthreatened population is an added pleasure. more »



Sharie & David Krughoff

At Home with the Blue-winged Teal

David and Sharie enter the very private lives of the blue-winged teal and discover a new world of photo opportunity. more »


Mrs. G with Juvenile

David Krughoff

Gullybird Come Home To Me

Sharie and David Krughoff welcomed back their gull friends from the previous summer. The gulls showed some astounding abilities never before observed. more »

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Song of the Mourning Dove

Sharie and David Krughoff have fallen under the enchantment of the mourning dove that nests near their home. This surprising neighbour provokes a profound question. more »

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Star Gazing Southern Prairie Railway

Southern Prairie Railway, Ogema, SK

Star Gazing with the Southern Prairie Railway in Ogema

Michael Clancy leads a train full of stargazers on the Star Gazer Train in Ogema, Saskatchewan. A downloadable planisphere at the end of the article will have you well on your way to a fantastic star gazing trip of your own. more »


Red Hawk Down

Michael Clancy describes a enjoyable summer spent watching two "adopted" Red-tailed Hawk siblings (Hudson and Porsche) grow up and gain their independence in his back yard. more »


Great Horned Owl in Flight

Photo: Sharon Haubrich Condie

A Great Horned Owl in the Henhouse

Sharon Haubrich Condie from Kincaid, SK sent us this fantastic shot of a Great Horned Owl in flight, which sparked a childhood memory in Lisa. Read about her father's terrifying encounter. more »



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