Southern Prairie Railway, Ogema, SK

Star Gazing with the Southern Prairie Railway in Ogema

Michael Clancy leads a train full of stargazers on the Star Gazer Train in Ogema, Saskatchewan. A downloadable planisphere at the end of the article will have you well on your way to a fantastic star gazing trip of your own. more »

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Recognize Earth Hour March 29, 2014

Earth Hour asks individuals, businesses and governments around the world to turn off their lights for one hour to support urgent action on climate change. Earth Hour is happening on Saturday, March 29, between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm. more »

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Red Hawk Down

Michael Clancy describes a enjoyable summer spent watching two "adopted" Red-tailed Hawk siblings (Hudson and Porsche) grow up and gain their independence in his back yard. more »

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This photo sent in by Sharon Haubrich Condie of a Great Horned Owl sparked a memory of a tragic encounter with this majestic creature.

Photo: Sharon Haubrich Condie

A Great Horned Owl in the Henhouse

Sharon Haubrich Condie from Kincaid, SK sent us this fantastic shot of a Great Horned Owl in flight, which sparked a childhood memory in Lisa. Read about her father's terrifying encounter. more »

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Mrs. G., with her mate Gully, befriended David and Sharie Krughoff while they spent the summer at Last Mountain Lake.

Sharie and David Krughoff

Bird Life at Last Mountain Lake

Sharie and David Krughoff spent a season getting to know some very special gulls at Last Mountain Lake. more »

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The Pine Siskin

Pine siskins are a gregarious finch that make camping in Saskatchewan parks a riotous good time. more »

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Ice Surge May 2013

SK Water Security Agency has really shown something amazing here! This video was taken On Wednesday, May 1, 2013 of an ice surge into the Codette Reservoir (Nipawin area). more »

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Horned grebes are smaller than a duck and nest with a bias toward invisibility. It took the teamwork of Sharie ad David Krughoff to spot these.

David Krughoff

David Krughoff's Horned Grebe

You've heard of the canary in the coal mine. This is canary's swamp-dwelling counterpart. When the grebe thrives, so do our wetlands. more »

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The heavily salted water in Manitou Lake whitens the beach at its north end, near Neilburg and Marsden.

Lionel Hughes

Wild Lands at Manitou Lake

Manitou Lake, on Saskatchewan's west side, is central to a landscape of dunes, open pasture and unequalled sunlight. This little-known, very big lake, is a must-see. more »

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David Krughoff

The Pelican—A Very Social Bird

David Krughoff observes the community-minded pelican in Saskatchewan. more »

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Lionel Hughes

Love them or Loathe them?

Lionel Hughes shares his personal feelings about being up close and personal with coyotes. Where do you weigh in on experience with these ever-present Saskatchewan predators? more »

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A male tree swallow feeds a chick.

David Krughoff

Good Parenting from Tree Swallows

Photographers David and Sharie Krughoff capture the unique family life of the tree swallow. Wherever you live, this flier is one of the most watchable species in the bird world. more »

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