Art Vessey's Lifelong Love for the Rail Car

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Jigger excursion

We would like to know if there is an opportunity to participate on such an excursion with the jiggers.

Joyce Sander more than 5 years ago

Riding Jiggers

Colleen - We would invite you to contact the Saskatchewan Railway Museum in Saskatoon. Their email is or call them at (306)382-9855.

Prairies North more than 5 years ago

riding jiggers

how can we find out about riding a jigger ? -we'd really love to have that opportunity!!

Colleen Gerwing more than 5 years ago

interesting story

Thanks for the fascinating story. I've ridden the railcar that runs on Heritage Day at the Claybank Brick Plant, from the plant site to the hamlet of Claybank, and it is great fun to re-connect with that bit of rail history.

Bill Armstrong more than 5 years ago