Chief Tammy Cook-Searson

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Dear Tammy,

I , Chief Andy Alex, am so happy to have met and walk with you to the conference centre in Toronto last year. July 2012 . Plus shop and mingle with your friends , Wanek and others.
I am pleased to say that I do share the same visions and convictions that you do so passionately. !

Andy Alex more than 4 years ago

Chief Tammy Cook-Searson

Another chapter of history that hasn't been written is our First Nation's history and what imperialism or colonization has done to discredit, undermine the value of its first peoples. I sincerely hope that the Idle No More movement is successful and continues to stir up Canadians to know their history and the injustices we Caucasans have done to them. Glad to know we have a medium that writes positive "good news" stories. There are many unsung heroes in our present and past lives, but do we know of them?

Marcella Pedersen more than 4 years ago

Heroic Women!

I am so happy to see a story of this kind, about the community work of women who are doing whatever they can, kindly and positively, to address the historic wrongs done to First Nations people. Tammy is a hero among us, and she deserves to be sung!

May Partridge more than 4 years ago