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Mary's Bread

I met Mary a few years ago at her son, Mike's place, in Jasper. Had a feed of perogies! What a great cook. We have our earth ovens in common. Mine is used more for pizza these days but what a wonderful ancient experience it is to bake bread in this way. I can relate to having difficulty in giving precise instructions or measurements. It almost feels sometimes like the spirits of our babas lend a hand when necessary to make sure the results are pleasing to the folks who come to enjoy the bread. So cool to see this article Mary! And great to see you continue to share this wonderful tradition with others.

Judi Rusk more than 4 years ago

fresh oven bread

My baba used to make bread in the clay oven .. theres nothing better than fresh home made bread..mmmm

Deryck Stephen Shewchuk more than 4 years ago