Making Movies in Saskatchewan


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Not about a hobby...

In response to your comments, no - this IS NOT about a film that has no funding, or government support, or saving an industry...

Our desire is to tell a story.

In art form, the film is about a truth in people. From children to adults we work together in teams. We are hard wired from birth to work together, to conquer, to support, to hope.

Almost everyone in Saskatchewan, or certainly people who came from a small town knows teamwork, and how marvelously football plays an important part of the small town "team" culture. Whether it is for the local football team or a group raising funds for non profit, its all the same nature --To hope for things not seen and pray for a path to the goal even if the opportunity looks small or impossible.

No one who pioneered across our country, solved great issues alone, neither do we, and despite what was said, they did it anyway.

So what success are we looking for...? Perhaps for only the chance to finish a project that isn't only small. But that is only the beginning of our hope. More so, we speak to anyone who ever wanted to respond to the call of when things looked impossible, maybe winning when you are constantly told you won't, walking by something that requires more than just sight.

We have more than just this project, and hope to show that supporting us is a vote for films and television shows with truth and substance, and family at the heart. Is that anything new? Perhaps not, but in Saskatchewan and in Canada, I thought we got things done for the sake of God and our neighbors and families, not just because we would have the greatest success or some support from our government.

If we are not something you want to support, or this project --that is fine. My day job is still my little children, this little town and its depth of character and people, or building a production company that has values placed in the future not just today.

Thank you for the words of encouragement and luck, and I do hope for the sake of everyone that jobs and homes are restored and that the film industry becomes stronger than ever from this change.

Dont forget to send us your story, you could be in this film, and if you do support, then God bless you, and from us - thank you very much !!!

Benjamin Galay more than 5 years ago

This project would have not been able to access the SFETC even if it still existed so not a great example

This is about a film that has no funding and that would never be able to have a budget high enough to access the Film Employment Tax Credit so of course it is not stopped by the tax credit no longer existing. Congratulations to these people on bootstrapping an early career project and I hope they do very well but you can't keep making early career projects your whole career, eventually you have to start getting funding or just make films as a hobby. I myself have made many films with almost no funding but eventually you have to make films with actual funding or you have to work a day job to support your hobby. Projects that have economic benefit to the province and the producers, cast and crew require more funding than just crowd sourcing can provide.

No one should be fooled into thinking that this kind of project will keep a viable industry in Saskatchewan.

All that said good luck to these filmmakers I really hope they are very successful and I hope that perhaps the industry that so many of us have worked so hard to build here can survive long enough for the Sask Party to be removed from office and some form of film production incentive reinstated.

Torin Stefanson more than 5 years ago