Recipe for Pojo

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I too had visted Kenya as my kids lived there for 3 years. My favourite dish was beans, lentils and curry combination. Another meal was Sukuma Wiki (push the week along) eaten with Ugali.

Barb Pederson

Barb Pederson more than 5 years ago


HI Lisa
I too had the privilege of living in Kenya. I worked among the Kamba tribe and although I travelled a fair bit through the country, I had never heard of Pojo. We had lots of beans and maize and ugali, made with maize flour. So pojo is new to me but it sounds yummy. I will try it sometime. Thanks for sharing this healthy recipe with the readers of PN

Patricia Kachman more than 5 years ago


Dear Pat, are you the Pat in Kisumu in 1967? Pam Wilding just wrote to say she has not heard from you.

Liz Wanzel more than 4 years ago