Are you a snowbird or a snow-lover?

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Snow Bird or Snow Lover

A bit of both. Winter creates beautiful scenes, but in urban areas it soon turns to gritty snowbanks and icy, rutted roads. I don't like the windchill, either. Out in the country is where winter shows its best. In my mind, that also applies to Saskatchewan's too-short summers..

Bill Armstrong 353 days ago

Snow Bird or Snow Lover

Some of both; I enjoy experiencing all the seasons and appreciate the beauty of each (although, I admit, extreme windchill is one aspect of winter I could do without)!

Gail J 357 days ago

Snow Bird or Snow Lover

I would choose -40C over +40C any time. You can always dress up for the cold, but there is only so far you can undress, before it becomes illegal !

Rob J 362 days ago

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