Nuclear Waste in the North—The World on Their Shoulders

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W. H. Bridge

I am grateful for this information. I have been with the walkers as much as I was able to since I heard about their walk to Regina and grateful for Victor's comment.
I have a friend, an environmentalist who has gone to them as they experienced warfare as they opposed what was being done to them, there were more of them that went to support them.
The third party take over as managers because they have judged the people for whom they take over for to be not good managers, they consider themselves to be much better managers, but they are really managing for themselves to take all they want for themselves.

I have become a participant in what my friend, the environmentalist, has been doing. I aim to continue to do so.

Ethel Ahenakew more than 4 years ago

Willow Heart Bridge

Thank you for shedding some light on a very dark site of uranium development in Northern Saskatchewan. Despite public consultations and opposition non-renewable resource development seems to continue at rapid speed unbeknownst to most of us. I believe, Northern Saskatchewan's wilderness is the biggest asset the province has to offer. It is also my home. I'm worried that soon I won't be able to drink the water out of our lakes any more as we still do. A nuclear waste burial site near the Churchill River endangers a huge watershed and I fear it will be too late before people realize that some damages to our environment are irreversible. Once the resources are exhausted, the mining cooperations will leave and behind stays a scarred landscape, that could have been one of the last great wildernesses in North America.

Miriam Korner more than 4 years ago

Willow heart bridge

I took part on the walk from Pine House Lake to Regina with the community for future generations and my reason for doing so was to save medicinal plants as I'm what is called a traditional healer and herbal medicine gatherer. i still oppose the Willow Heart Bridge to be used for transporting nuclear waste. this is something that I'm totally against I have seen the country north of the bridge and it is beautiful it would be such a shame to destroy it by burying nuclear waste in that country.

Victor Mispounas more than 4 years ago