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Frozen bubble

Tracy Miller

Saskatchewan winters may be cold, but they are also filled with beauty. These photographers captured some beautiful scenes and shared them with us on our Facebook page. more

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Amiskowan Lake

Bob Ferguson

Saskatchewan is beautiful all year around, but it's undeniably its most colourful during autumn. Here are a few of our favourite photos of this colourful season that our followers on Facebook have shared with us. more

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Prairies North 2015 Calendar - August

Corey Hardcastle

We are requesting photo submissions for our 2018 Saskatchewan Scenes Calendar! Landscapes, wildlife, iconic landmarks and elements -- these are all calendar material. more

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Randy Mcculloch

Thanks to the enthusiastic response from Prairies North readers online, we had more photos than we could fit in the print magazine. more

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Herbert sunset

Krista Routledge

Saskatchewan's skies were as alive as ever in 2016. We shared hundreds of photos on the Prairies North Facebook page this year and here we've collected some of the most popular. more

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Fox in snow by Bill Allen

Bill Allen

We had so many wonderful photos submitted for our Viewfinder page in the winter issue of our magazine that we decided to share some of them online. more

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Day hike

Andy Goodson

During the summer of 2015, Andy Goodson of documented his journey to Rice River Canyon north of the town of Hudson Bay. more

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Last sunset

Ryan Wunsch

Saskatchewan is beautiful all year round, but it is arguably at its best in the fall when the land is awash with colour and the golden light of early sunsets. more

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Corey Hardcastle

Corey Hardcastle

We share a lot of amazing photos on our Facebook page, and these were some of the most popular images that we posted in 2015. more

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Krista Routledge Oct. 5

Krista Routledge

Fans of the Prairies North Facebook page often share their photos of our fine province. Here are a few of our favourites from fall 2015. more

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Seasons of Sask - Spring

Spring in Saskatchewan 2013

Seasons of Sask - Summer


Ken Dalgarno

Seasons of Sask - Fall

Saskatchewan Sunrise 4302_13 by Ian McGregor

Photographer: Ian D. McGregor. All Rights Reserved

Seasons of Sask - Winter

Prairies North 2015 Calendar - February

Corey Hardcastle