Roche Percée by Ken Dalgarno

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I just returned from a photo shoot there!

Roche Percee is a wonderful little town worthy of a visit. The area is strewn with rock formations that not too many know about.

Ray Mckenzie more than 4 years ago

Roche Percee Visit

We visited the area a few days ago. Although the "arch" was interesting we were a bit disappointed. Perhaps our expectations were too high after hearing about the fantastic rock structure. It was a beautiful day though and photos we took had the brilliant blue sky and fluffy white clouds as background. What we enjoyed even more was the drive down in the river valley! Winding hilly roads with beautiful views of farm land around each turn. I got a few nice shots of the low level crossing with rapid water rushing past. I recommend that drive after you see Roche Percee!!

Pat Anderson more than 4 years ago