Café Terra Invites Us to Play with Food

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Unique in Southwest Sask

I send my guests to Eastend for day trips all the time, especially to experience Cafe Terra and to meet Shon and Stephen. Their vision is bold, their talents are apparent and ever expansive. A beautiful combo of clay, healthy delicious food and now they have developed an amazing line of wellness products! Thank you!

Diana Chabros more than 1 year ago

Food Art

It's an incredible experience for your senses to enjoy a meal at Cafe Terra! An opportunity to learn how bountiful our local area really is! Thank you Shon, Sam and Stephen

Sherry Gilbert more than 1 year ago

Café Terra

Café Terra is such a warm place, where you'll be welcomed by the delish aromas of Shon's culinary delights and the satisfying scent of Stephen's fresh roasted, fresh ground coffee. We love that we also get hugs upon arrival. Our favorite eatery and social place to be!

Dawn more than 1 year ago