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Girl Guide Cookie Article: "Cookies for A better World"

Great Cookie article. Hope this generates cookies sales thru'out Saskatchewan, as many are not aware that the national fundraiser of Girl Guide Cookies originated in Saskatchewan. It would be awesome to have many of our Saskatchewan businesses/corporations to purchase our Girl Guide Cookies - an original Saskatchewan idea started in 1927 that is now a national recognized cookie that sells millions of boxes every year. Let's have Saskatchewan Girl Guides be the TOP SELLERS thru' out Canada, It's amazing what we - Girl Guides put into a box of cookies besides the cookies & that is "Fun", "Friendship" "Teamwork" & "Sharing". GIRL GUIDE COOKIES - the fuel that makes Guiding GO! They are also a delicous treat ! Saturday, October 12, Sears Canada has once again invited GGC Units from across the country to set up a cookie-selling table and display at participating Sears stores for the public to purchase their chocolatey mint cookies for our Fall Campaign.
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Guider Alice more than 5 years ago