The Warmth of Canned Pot Barley Soup

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pot barley

bud, look up the definition of humble.

remember, it's said that self praise is no recommendation.

although i agree barley goes great i a lot of places.

shapeshifter more than 4 years ago


I do most of the cooking & making of meals in my home .i make all kinds of soups using barley as a main ingredient . With soup & stews ,barley is a good thickener of the juice & broth . I,also make different sauces for meatballs ,spaghetti & lasagna & desserts . Can bar-b-que ,also bake different desserts or stove top the same . Also can bake breads ,buns ,cakes &pies . Also ,able to do washing ,ironing & other household chores both inside & outdoors . Some say that I could male some woman a good husband or wife . Sorry ladies ,I 'm already married & my wife says that she is more than satisfied with me .

Bud Hamilton more than 4 years ago