Rock picker

Ruth Bitner

Saskatchewan has given much to Canada in its 150 years, and these three agricultural innovations are just a few of what we've shared. more



Susanne Nilsson

From innovations in agriculture like the development of canola, to rare wild mushrooms, to celebrity chefs like Dale MacKay, this province helps feed the country and the world. more

Food & Creativity

Saskatchewan is home to Canada's most productive wetlands. Ducks Unlimited Canada is a major support in matching the needs of farmers for productivity with the need for wetland health. more

Jen by the Fire

Broken Arrow Youth Ranch

For the staff and volunteers at Broken Arrow Youth Ranch near Wood Mountain, restoring young lives depends on restoring one critical thing: family. more

Special Features

Horses by Keith Dixon

Keith Dixon

For people who grew up in Saskatchewan before tractors became ubiquitous, horses were intended for work and transportation, not for friendship. more

Special Features

Boar by Ryan Brook

Ryan Brook

Raising wild boar for profit in Saskatchewan is an enduring lesson in building good fences between neighbours. more


Wine Bottles


Saskatchewan is not yet a grape growing region but provincial vintners are getting praise for raspberry, cherry, and other fruit wines. Here's where to sample some. more

Food & Creativity

Editor Lionel Hughes spends two days at Dog Tale Ranch east of Young, SK, learning how to shear sheep under the direction of professional shearer Lorrie Reed. more


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Prairies North Special Double Fall/Winter Issue 2017

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