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About the Author:  Ashleigh Mattern is a writer and entrepreneur based in Saskatoon. She is the owner-operator of Vireo Productions, a digital creative agency offering web design, development, and support, and writing, editing, photography, and video services.

Frozen bubble

Tracy Miller

Saskatchewan winters may be cold, but they are also filled with beauty. These photographers captured some beautiful scenes and shared them with us on our Facebook page. more

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New ownership at Prairies North

New ownership at Prairies North

Fall is a season of change, and with the arrival of the special double Fall/Winter issue of Prairies North comes a big change for the magazine: longtime editors Lionel and Michelle Hughes are handing over the reins to Rob and Amanda Soulodre. more

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Saskatoon by Amy Jo Ehman

Saskatoon by Amy Jo Ehman

Saskatoon: A History in Words and Pictures may be historical non-fiction but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Author Amy Jo Ehman tells the history of Saskatoon picture by picture; almost every page has a historical photo and the story behind it. more

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Song of the Sword

Edward Willett

With the Lady of the Lake appearing in Wascana Lake in Regina, and Merlin disguising himself as a tech mogul in Toronto, Song of the Sword by Edward Willett has an entirely different take on the Arthurian legends. more

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Prairies North 2015 Calendar - August

Corey Hardcastle

We are requesting photo submissions for our 2018 Saskatchewan Scenes Calendar! Landscapes, wildlife, iconic landmarks and elements -- these are all calendar material. more

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Sync City

Peter Ryan

In this post-apocalyptic science fiction tale, Saskatoon is the centre of a massive disturbance in time due to experiments gone awry at the Canadian Light Source. more

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Life on the Refrigerator Door

Alice Kuipers

Alice Kuipers does an amazing job of telling this story with so few words. The entire book is told through the notes that a mother and teenaged daughter leave each other on the refrigerator door. more

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Amber Fang

Arthur Slade

The first instalment in what will be a series, Amber Fang is a novella about a vampire, the titular character. It’s a fun, quick read, with a slightly different take on vampires than you might have read in the past. more

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Veregin Prayer Home and statue

Ruth Bitner

The Doukhobor Prayer Home in Veregin celebrates its 100th anniversary at the National Doukhobor Heritage Village July 15-16. The celebration will draw people from all over Canada and the United States who have ties to the area. more


Fort Carlton

Wendy Cooper

We highlight some of the people who signed Saskatchewan's treaties at a time when their world was undergoing great change. more


Western Development Museum - North Battleford

Daryl Mitchell

You’ve probably done the drive, heading along the highway to an Alberta destination. But have you stopped to see what’s along the way? Here are our favourite must-stops on this much-travelled Saskatchewan road. more



Susanne Nilsson

From innovations in agriculture like the development of canola, to rare wild mushrooms, to celebrity chefs like Dale MacKay, this province helps feed the country and the world. more

Food & Creativity

Big Muddy

Tourism Saskatchewan / Douglas E. Walker

Did you know that Saskatchewan is one of two landlocked provinces in Canada (the other being Alberta), and that average temperatures here can vary more than 65 degrees Celsius throughout the year? more


Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam

Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam

Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam is as much a story about Saskatchewan and Canada as it is about the man. more

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Many hands

Wonder woman0731 via Flickr.

Saskatchewan has the highest volunteer rate in the Canada. But why are the people of this province so giving of their time and energy? more

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Colour Saskatchewan

Jason Sylvestre

From one of Saskatchewan's most colourful artists comes Colour Saskatchewan. This adult colouring book is 80 pages of some of the most beautiful and brilliant Saskatchewan scenes ever gathered in one book. more

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Towards a Prairie Atonement

Trevor Herriot, University of Regina Press

The history of the prairies is complicated. Trevor Herriot delves into the weeds of this landscape's story, asking whether the destruction of its natural state could have been avoided. more

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Tenille Arts

Tenille Arts

Saskatchewan has more musical talent than you can shake a stick at, especially when it comes to country. more

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Larger Than Life by Robin and Arlene Karpan

Robin and Arlene Karpan

There's a lot to love about Robin and Arlene Karpan's Larger Than Life: Saskatchewan’s BIG Roadside Monuments. more

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Randy Mcculloch

Thanks to the enthusiastic response from Prairies North readers online, we had more photos than we could fit in the print magazine. more

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2017 Christmas Promotion

Prairies North Special Double Fall/Winter Issue 2017

Prairies North Special Double Fall/Winter Issue 2017

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