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About the Author:  Ashleigh Mattern is a writer and entrepreneur based in Saskatoon. She is the owner-operator of Vireo Productions, a digital creative agency offering web design, development, and support, and writing, editing, photography, and video services.

Verigin Prayer House and statue

Ruth Bitner

The Doukhobor Prayer Home in Veregin celebrates its 100th anniversary at the National Doukhobor Heritage Village July 15-16. The celebration will draw people from all over Canada and the United States who have ties to the area. more


Amber Fang

Arthur Slade

The first instalment in what will be a series, Amber Fang is a novella about a vampire, the titular character. It’s a fun, quick read, with a slightly different take on vampires than you might have read in the past. more

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Fort Carlton

Wendy Cooper

We highlight some of the people who signed Saskatchewan's treaties at a time when their world was undergoing great change. more



Susanne Nilsson

From innovations in agriculture like the development of canola, to rare wild mushrooms, to celebrity chefs like Dale MacKay, this province helps feed the country and the world. more

Food & Creativity

Western Development Museum - North Battleford

Daryl Mitchell

You’ve probably done the drive, heading along the highway to an Alberta destination. But have you stopped to see what’s along the way? Here are our favourite must-stops on this much-travelled Saskatchewan road. more


Big Muddy

Tourism Saskatchewan / Douglas E. Walker

Did you know that Saskatchewan is one of two landlocked provinces in Canada (the other being Alberta), and that average temperatures here can vary more than 65 degrees Celsius throughout the year? more


Many hands

Wonder woman0731 via Flickr.

Saskatchewan has the highest volunteer rate in the Canada. But why are the people of this province so giving of their time and energy? more

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Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam

Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam

Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam is as much a story about Saskatchewan and Canada as it is about the man. more

Sask Books

Colour Saskatchewan

Jason Sylvestre

From one of Saskatchewan's most colourful artists comes Colour Saskatchewan. This adult colouring book is 80 pages of some of the most beautiful and brilliant Saskatchewan scenes ever gathered in one book. more

Sask Books

Towards a Prairie Atonement

Trevor Herriot, University of Regina Press

The history of the prairies is complicated. Trevor Herriot delves into the weeds of this landscape's story, asking whether the destruction of its natural state could have been avoided. more

Sask Books

Larger Than Life by Robin and Arlene Karpan

Robin and Arlene Karpan

There's a lot to love about Robin and Arlene Karpan's Larger Than Life: Saskatchewan’s BIG Roadside Monuments. more

Sask Books

Tenille Arts

Tenille Arts

Saskatchewan has more musical talent than you can shake a stick at, especially when it comes to country. more

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Randy Mcculloch

Thanks to the enthusiastic response from Prairies North readers online, we had more photos than we could fit in the print magazine. more

Photo Gallery

Emma Lake

Candice Walsh

We've rounded up the top five fastest-growing cottaging lakes in Saskatchewan, plus trends to note, and lakes to watch more


Waskesiu Lake

Bob Ferguson

Throughout 2017, all of Canada’s national parks, national marine conservation areas and national historic sites are offering free admission. Here's what you need to know to plan your Saskatchewan trips. more


The Death of Us

Alice Kuipers

The Death of Us is a young adult suspense novel that starts with the news of a horrible crash then takes us back to before it all happened. more

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This year marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation and while Saskatchewan wasn't a province until 1905, we still have a lot to celebrate! more

Special Features

Yellow Dog by Miriam Körner

Yellow Dog by Miriam Körner

In Yellow Dog, Saskatchewan author Miriam Körner captures life in the north through the eyes of a teen named Jeremy as he learns how to run a dog sled and unravels a mystery about the elder who teaches him. more

Sask Books

CP Holiday Train

Joy McAdams

The CP Holiday Train stop lasts only about 30 minutes, but you might just find it puts you in the Christmas spirit right up until the big day. more

Special Features

The Surprising Lives of Small-Town Doctors

The Surprising Lives of Small-Town Doctors

Pride. Gratitude. Respect. Insecurity. Fear. Panic. Determination. Hope. Bravery. The stories in The Surprising Lives of Small Town Doctors show the full range of human emotion through short essays by Canadian doctors about working in rural settings. more

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