Randy Mcculloch

Thanks to the enthusiastic response from Prairies North readers online, we had more photos than we could fit in the print magazine. more

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Michael Clancy describes a enjoyable summer spent watching two "adopted" Red-tailed Hawk siblings (Hudson and Porsche) grow up and gain their independence in his back yard. more


Great Horned Owl in Flight

Photo: Sharon Haubrich Condie

Sharon Haubrich Condie from Kincaid, SK sent us this fantastic shot of a Great Horned Owl in flight, which sparked a childhood memory in Lisa. Read about her father's terrifying encounter. more



David Krughoff

David Krughoff observes the community-minded pelican in Saskatchewan. more

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David Krughoff Tree Swallow

David Krughoff

Photographers David and Sharie Krughoff capture the unique family life of the tree swallow. Wherever you live, this flier is one of the most watchable species in the bird world. more


  • Spring's sweet song

    Krista Routledge

    Spring's sweet song

    Photographer Krista Routledge says of this early morning shot: "I had been out for sunrise photos and ended up out in the country, north of Herbert, Sask. where I often drive. Here I watch for interesting fence posts and this time was happy to see a lovely meadowlark singing for me. A series of photos helped me capture this one with its mouth wide open in full song!"

  • Let's dance!

    Krista Routledge

    Let's dance!

    Photographer Krista Routledge says of this shot taken in southwest Saskatchewan: "Around dawn these birds gathered, putting on an amazing show, making it hard for me to chose the direction I should be shooting. With nearly two hours of watching them perform their dance of dominance, I felt so fortunate and happy with the opportunity I had been afforded."

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Prairies North Special Double Fall/Winter Issue 2017

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