David Krughoff

Look Up and Down Children's Book

David and Sharie Krughoff

A new Children's Book by David and Sharie Krughoff

Prairies North readers have enjoyed the wildlife photography and photo tips from David and Sharie Krughoff for many years. The couple has just published a new book aimed at young readers and adult admirers of great wildlife photography. more

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Seagull at Last Mountain Lake

Sharie and David Krughoff

Sharie and David Krughoff spent a season getting to know some very special gulls at Last Mountain Lake. more


Horned Grebe

David Krughoff

You've heard of the canary in the coal mine. This is canary's swamp-dwelling counterpart. When the grebe thrives, so do our wetlands. more

Nature 1 Comments


David Krughoff

David Krughoff observes the community-minded pelican in Saskatchewan. more

Nature 1 Comments

So entrancing are the habits of the raven—not least of which are its diverse calls—that researchers (and photographers) love to spend time with them. more

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Black Tern

David Krughoff

Most years, snow and rain refreshes Saskatchewan wetlands with abundant supplies of fresh water. Countless species rely on these important ecosystems, including the black tern. more


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