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Where I Live Now by Sharon Butala

Where I Live Now by Sharon Butala

The forthright writing of Saskatchewan author Sharon Butala lays bare the pain—and eventually the possibilities—of having to move on from a nature-filled rural life to a new one as an urban widow. more

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Adult Science Night

Saskatchewan Science Centre

Paint Nites are taking off in Regina and across Saskatchewan as a fun, alternative date night, and they aren’t the only game in town! If you’re looking for a unique idea for a date night in Regina, we’ve collected some of the top picks here. more


Frenchman River Valley

Tourism Saskatchewan

Eastend is known for its welcoming locals and down-to-earth atmosphere. Here is our plan for a perfect day in the "Valley of Hidden Secrets." more

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King James Bible

Ruth Bitner

The Athol Murray College of Notre Dame in Wilcox is well known for its hockey players. Its rare book library holds some of literature's all-stars thanks to Father Athol's passion for paper. more

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Violet and Victor Write...

Alice Kuipers

Saskatchewan has a wealth of literary talent writing in an amazing array of genres, including children’s picture books. more

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Education of Augie Merasty

Education of Augie Merasty

The stories from Joseph Auguste Merasty's time spent at a residential school will anger and sadden you. The actions of his "keepers," as he calls them, will disgust you. Which is exactly why it is so important to read this book. more

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Gus Kenderdine Lagoon at Emma Lake

Gus Kenderdine

Our land is always with us. But in the midst of Saskatchewan’s natural power and beauty, how can we possibly keep track of the changes taking place around us, much less, understand what they mean? Art and a bit of history help. more


A Geography of Blood by Candace Savage

A Geography of Blood by Candace Savage

A Geography of Blood is one of those rare books that changes the way you see the world. In this nonfiction book, Candace Savage turns her critical and creative eye on herself and her adopted hometown of Eastend. more

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Jennifer Smith Nelson

The Grasslands National park is one of Saskatchewan's most family-friendly travel experiences. The massive landscape and variety of park programs create days of exploration and learning. more



Toronto Zoo

The grasslands of southwestern Saskatchewan are home (once again) to its native and adorable ferret. more


Learning about the natural world can be as easy as going for a walk outside, but Saskatchewan is also rife with more formal outdoor education opportunities. more


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