Saskatchewan is the birthplace of many important medical innovations. Five of these advancements were especially influential in kickstarting programs on both the national and international stage. more


Tips from Tommy

Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan R-B2908-3

Tommy Douglas left a legacy of pithy sayings and wise practices, some that you may not have heard of until now. more


Veregin Prayer Home and statue

Ruth Bitner

The Doukhobor Prayer Home in Veregin celebrates its 100th anniversary at the National Doukhobor Heritage Village July 15-16. The celebration will draw people from all over Canada and the United States who have ties to the area. more


Fort Carlton

Wendy Cooper

We highlight some of the people who signed Saskatchewan's treaties at a time when their world was undergoing great change. more


Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam

Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam

Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam is as much a story about Saskatchewan and Canada as it is about the man. more

Sask Books

Towards a Prairie Atonement

Trevor Herriot, University of Regina Press

The history of the prairies is complicated. Trevor Herriot delves into the weeds of this landscape's story, asking whether the destruction of its natural state could have been avoided. more

Sask Books

Consider the Sunflowers

Elma Schemenauer

Rural women enjoyed many of the benefits from modernization but increased urbanization created new complications. Author Elma Schemenauer has explored the new realities facing women like her mother in her fictional book, Consider the Sunflowers. more

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Glenbow Archives NA-2878-15

The role of women in Doukhobor settlement was significant and it is little wonder they left such a deep impression on succeeding generations. more


Prairie Mother

Courtesy Elma Schemenauer

The first generation of European women on the prairie provided the foundation for family and community life that made settlement a viable enterprise. more


Education of Augie Merasty

Education of Augie Merasty

The stories from Joseph Auguste Merasty's time spent at a residential school will anger and sadden you. The actions of his "keepers," as he calls them, will disgust you. Which is exactly why it is so important to read this book. more

Sask Books

Gus Kenderdine Lagoon at Emma Lake

Gus Kenderdine

Our land is always with us. But in the midst of Saskatchewan’s natural power and beauty, how can we possibly keep track of the changes taking place around us, much less, understand what they mean? Art and a bit of history help. more


Cobalt Bomb Timeline

Angie Ishak

The Cobalt-60 dosage calculations determined by Dr. Fedoruk and her team would go on to become the worldwide standard for cancer treatment; see the timeline from the 1940s to today. more


Memories in Copper

Megan Hazel

Regina jewellery artist Megan Hazel has crafted wearable art using copper salvaged from the Legislative Building in Regina, creating a connection to the province you can wear near your heart. more


Swift Current past present collage

Swift Current

Swift Current has a long history in Saskatchewan and it has changed a lot over the years. Here are a few of our favourite photos from the city's past and present. more


Coconut cream pie

Stacy Spensley, via Flickr.

When Sue Nicholson's father returned from Swift Current after his deployment there during the Second World War, he craved coconut cream pie, "an elusive recipe" Sue and her mother could never seem to perfect. more

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John Francis Nicholson

Sue Nicholson

Throughout her childhood, Sue Nicholson's father recounted stories about his exploits during the Second World War. Here, she meets the ghost of her youthful father on the streets of Swift Current. more


Sylvia Fedoruk and Ed Epp

U of S Archives, Harold Johns Collection, MG 372

In late fall 1951, the University of Saskatchewan’s pioneering medical physics team and mechanical wizard John McKay put the final touches on an innovative new machine, the cobalt-60 therapy unit also called the “cobalt bomb.” more


Star Gazing Southern Prairie Railway

Southern Prairie Railway, Ogema, SK

A tour on the Southern Prairie Railway takes you on a rolling stage where your imagination can play in the old west. more

Special Features

Gordon Bucek with photo of birthplace

Carolynn Bucek

Often, the stories we publish touch lives in ways we cannot predict, as with the story "People of Sod, People of God," published in our fall 2008 issue. Here, Gordon Bucek recounts his surprising connection to our magazine. more

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Glory Over Everything Kathleen Grissom crop

Glory Over Everything Kathleen Grissom

A spiritual sequel to Kathleen Grissom’s debut (and New York Times best-selling) The Kitchen House, Glory over Everything is set in in 1830s Philadelphia. more

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