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Western Development Museum - North Battleford

Daryl Mitchell

You’ve probably done the drive, heading along the highway to an Alberta destination. But have you stopped to see what’s along the way? Here are our favourite must-stops on this much-travelled Saskatchewan road. more




This year marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation and while Saskatchewan wasn't a province until 1905, we still have a lot to celebrate! more

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Frenchman River Valley

Tourism Saskatchewan

Eastend is known for its welcoming locals and down-to-earth atmosphere. Here is our plan for a perfect day in the "Valley of Hidden Secrets." more

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Violet and Victor Write...

Alice Kuipers

Saskatchewan has a wealth of literary talent writing in an amazing array of genres, including children’s picture books. more

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Dickens Village Festival

Dickens Village Festival

Every year on the first weekend of December, the annual Dickens Village Festival transforms the town of Carlyle. more

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Flickers by Arthur Slade

Flickers by Arthur Slade

A middle-grade horror novel about horror movies, Flickers is decidedly creepy in all the best ways while never becoming too scary for its younger target audience. more

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Jen by the Fire

Broken Arrow Youth Ranch

For the staff and volunteers at Broken Arrow Youth Ranch near Wood Mountain, restoring young lives depends on restoring one critical thing: family. more

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Prairie Paladin Medieval Market & Faire

Culture Days Saskatchewan

Apparently, Saskatchewan is obsessed with the Middle Ages. Regina has the Medieval-inspired Stone Hall Castle and its very own Globe Theatre, and Saskatoon has myriad events celebrating this long-ago time. more

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NatureCity Festival

Wild About Saskatoon

Since 2013, Wild About Saskatoon has been reminding people of the beauty of nature in the city's urban spaces through its NatureCity Festival. more



Jennifer Smith Nelson

The Grasslands National park is one of Saskatchewan's most family-friendly travel experiences. The massive landscape and variety of park programs create days of exploration and learning. more


Saskatchewan fox

Laurie Murray

Saskatchewan has an abundance of amazing critters to be found if you know where to look. Fans of the Prairies North Facebook page have shared dozens of such photos with us, and here we share a few of the cutest. more

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Prairies North Special Double Fall/Winter Issue 2017

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