Lionel Hughes

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New ownership at Prairies North

New ownership at Prairies North

Fall is a season of change, and with the arrival of the special double Fall/Winter issue of Prairies North comes a big change for the magazine: longtime editors Lionel and Michelle Hughes are handing over the reins to Rob and Amanda Soulodre. more

Special Features

Becki Bitternose

Peter Scoular

Becki Bitternose fulfilled a lifelong desire to sew. This simple step launched her into a discovery of the international fashion world and a revelation about herself. more


Tips from Tommy

Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan R-B2908-3

Tommy Douglas left a legacy of pithy sayings and wise practices, some that you may not have heard of until now. more


Little Stone Schoolhouse


The evolution of Saskatchewan's education system is long and varied -- marked by numerous pioneers and pivotal milestones. more


Jean Sauve

Barbara Woodley / Labatt Breweries Canada / Library and Archives Canada

Saskatchwewan politicians have always been dynamic and relevant to the national scene. Five milestones highlight our influence. more


Olympian Ethel Catherwood

Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan R-A28518

Saskatchewan has contributed to Canada’s Olympic teams since the inter-war years. We’ve picked five notables among the dozens who have competed over the decades. more



Sandwich / Flickr

The argument for renewable energy sources over non-renewable seems clear. But even advocates of new technology point to new complications. more


Consider the Sunflowers

Elma Schemenauer

Rural women enjoyed many of the benefits from modernization but increased urbanization created new complications. Author Elma Schemenauer has explored the new realities facing women like her mother in her fictional book, Consider the Sunflowers. more

Sask Books 1 Comments


Glenbow Archives NA-2878-15

The role of women in Doukhobor settlement was significant and it is little wonder they left such a deep impression on succeeding generations. more


Cafe Terra

Lionel Hughes

At ultra-local Café Terra in Eastend, Stephen Girard and Shon Profit want to put people in touch with their food. more

Food & Creativity 3 Comments

Prairie Mother

Courtesy Elma Schemenauer

The first generation of European women on the prairie provided the foundation for family and community life that made settlement a viable enterprise. more


Gus Kenderdine Lagoon at Emma Lake

Gus Kenderdine

Our land is always with us. But in the midst of Saskatchewan’s natural power and beauty, how can we possibly keep track of the changes taking place around us, much less, understand what they mean? Art and a bit of history help. more


Memories in Copper

Megan Hazel

Regina jewellery artist Megan Hazel has crafted wearable art using copper salvaged from the Legislative Building in Regina, creating a connection to the province you can wear near your heart. more


Jen by the Fire

Broken Arrow Youth Ranch

For the staff and volunteers at Broken Arrow Youth Ranch near Wood Mountain, restoring young lives depends on restoring one critical thing: family. more

Special Features

Star Gazing Southern Prairie Railway

Southern Prairie Railway, Ogema, SK

A tour on the Southern Prairie Railway takes you on a rolling stage where your imagination can play in the old west. more

Special Features


Lionel Hughes

"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves" -Carl Jung, psychologist more



Lionel Hughes

Ranch Ehrlo Society is marking its 50th anniversary as an agent of social restoration for vulnerable youth in Saskatchewan and across Canada. more

Places 1 Comments


Christalee Froese

Paradise Fireworks owner and creative director Les Engen lights up the Saskatchewan skies all year long. more



Lionel Hughes

In the heart of Regina sits a medieval castle. Its resident and builder waits by the door, inviting visitors onto the elaborate stage he has created. more


Charlotte L'Oste-Brown has learned many things while waiting for a new set of lungs but the most important one is that there just are not enough available organs for those who need them. more


Saskatchewan people writing their memoirs might remember Penny Powers and the recipe books produced by the Saskatchewan Power Corporation in her name. more


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Prairies North Special Double Fall/Winter Issue 2017

Prairies North Special Double Fall/Winter Issue 2017

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