Lisa Zepeda

Great Horned Owl in Flight

Photo: Sharon Haubrich Condie

Sharon Haubrich Condie from Kincaid, SK sent us this fantastic shot of a Great Horned Owl in flight, which sparked a childhood memory in Lisa. Read about her father's terrifying encounter. more


Lisa our Digital Media Manager and Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest guru answers the question: How is Prairies North assisting our customers with their social media presence and how does social media work for advertisers? more


I am one of those people who long for spring and then when it arrives I secretly wonder... what was I actually longing for? more

Our Stories

We cried out in unison at the strange creatures illuminated under the heat lamp. They appeared to be goats but they were born to our purebred East Friesian ewe moments earlier. We jokingly decided we could call them "geep"… more

Our Stories 2 Comments

With a little jealousy, but also a ton of thankfulness for warm things, Lisa sends lighthearted message out to those who seek warmer climates over the cold Saskatchewan landscape. Share your thoughts with us on her perspective. more

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Prairies North Special Double Fall/Winter Issue 2017

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