Amiskowan Lake

Bob Ferguson

Saskatchewan is beautiful all year around, but it's undeniably its most colourful during autumn. Here are a few of our favourite photos of this colourful season that our followers on Facebook have shared with us. more

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Big Muddy

Tourism Saskatchewan / Douglas E. Walker

Did you know that Saskatchewan is one of two landlocked provinces in Canada (the other being Alberta), and that average temperatures here can vary more than 65 degrees Celsius throughout the year? more


Towards a Prairie Atonement

Trevor Herriot, University of Regina Press

The history of the prairies is complicated. Trevor Herriot delves into the weeds of this landscape's story, asking whether the destruction of its natural state could have been avoided. more

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Sandwich / Flickr

The argument for renewable energy sources over non-renewable seems clear. But even advocates of new technology point to new complications. more


A Geography of Blood by Candace Savage

A Geography of Blood by Candace Savage

A Geography of Blood is one of those rare books that changes the way you see the world. In this nonfiction book, Candace Savage turns her critical and creative eye on herself and her adopted hometown of Eastend. more

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NatureCity Festival

Wild About Saskatoon

Since 2013, Wild About Saskatoon has been reminding people of the beauty of nature in the city's urban spaces through its NatureCity Festival. more


Krista Routledge Oct. 5

Krista Routledge

Fans of the Prairies North Facebook page often share their photos of our fine province. Here are a few of our favourites from fall 2015. more

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The Quill Lakes, Last Mountain Lake, and the Qu’Appelle Lakes are the heart of south central Saskatchewan’s water resource. They are also the heart of an emerging crisis in water management. more



Darcy Dietrich

Two friends explore the creation of a new lake in the Cypress Hills to photograph and journal the transformation of a common prairie landscape into a wetland. more

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Lowell Strauss

Last Mountain Lake has a long tradition of a commercial winter fish harvest. Despite changes to the ecosystem and the fishery, the thrill of the catch has remained for three generations of the Campbell family. more

Special Features

Eastern Kingbird

Sharie & David Krughoff

When nesting, eastern kingbirds are solitary creatures and feed primarily on insects. They have a strong attachment to nesting sites, returning year after year. more


Photo by Colin Chatfield

Colin Chatfield

This week, southern Saskatchewan saw a flurry of auroral activity, resulting in some amazing images from talented local photographers. more

Michael Clancy describes a enjoyable summer spent watching two "adopted" Red-tailed Hawk siblings (Hudson and Porsche) grow up and gain their independence in his back yard. more


Great Horned Owl in Flight

Photo: Sharon Haubrich Condie

Sharon Haubrich Condie from Kincaid, SK sent us this fantastic shot of a Great Horned Owl in flight, which sparked a childhood memory in Lisa. Read about her father's terrifying encounter. more


Pine siskins are a gregarious finch that make camping in Saskatchewan parks a riotous good time. more



Lionel Hughes

The summer landscape around Manitou Lake is outstanding. Enjoy this slide show of extra images from the article Salt, Sun, Time by Lionel Hughes. more

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Horned Grebe

David Krughoff

You've heard of the canary in the coal mine. This is canary's swamp-dwelling counterpart. When the grebe thrives, so do our wetlands. more

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David Krughoff

David Krughoff observes the community-minded pelican in Saskatchewan. more

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Lionel Hughes

I love my swamp. You probably love yours, too—we all have a little ogre in us. Do we really have to share to keep our wetlands healthy? more



Lionel Hughes

Lionel Hughes shares his personal feelings about being up close and personal with coyotes. Where do you weigh in on experience with these ever-present Saskatchewan predators? more

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