Recipes we have gathered from our story subjects to share with you.

Hakkebof by Amy Jo Ehman

Amy Jo Ehman, Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens

Saskatchewan's settler women generally haven't been celebrated for their contributions to the province's evolution but we can pay homage to them through traditional recipes. more

Food & Creativity

Coconut cream pie

Stacy Spensley, via Flickr.

When Sue Nicholson's father returned from Swift Current after his deployment there during the Second World War, he craved coconut cream pie, "an elusive recipe" Sue and her mother could never seem to perfect. more

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Wild boar roast

Stijn Nieuwendijk via Flickr

There’s nothing quite like wild boar meat. While wild boar is technically a pig, it has a distinct taste, texture, and colour compared to the pork you’ll find in the grocery store. more

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Mikko Kuhna pan fried whitefish

Mikko Kuhna, via Flickr.

Whitefish used to be a popular dish on the prairies. Revisit this versatile food with an easy-to-adapt recipe. more

Food & Creativity

Nate Beaty Mexican beef soup

Nate Beaty, via Flickr.

Inspired by Christalee Froese’s article “True Mex Cuisine in Vibank,” we sought out more Mexican cusisine from the Oaxacan state, and stumbled upon this stick-to-your-ribs soup. more

Food & Creativity

Here's a great summer recipe for a classic! more

Special Features

Well known food writer Amy Jo Ehman has released a recipe book entitled "From Old Saskatchewan Kitchens". This is a fascinating overview of the varied Saskatchewan ethnic food traditions that arrived with the settlers. more

Sask Books

Try this delectable mushroom soup from Prairies North's own Mandy & Eilidh! more

Food & Creativity

Swedith Meatballs with Lingonberry Sauce

Amy Jo Ehman

In Saskatchewan, lingonberries are known as low bush cranberries. They grow wild in the parkland and north of the province. Enjoy this favored Swedish recipe for meatballs and sauce! more

Food & Creativity

Soup as Medicine Bigos Soup

Amy Jo Ehman

Feel a cold coming on? Quick! Make this Bigos soup using leftover meat of any sort from your fridge. The soup will last for days - hopefully it will outlast your cold! more

Food & Creativity

Rhubarb Punch

Creekside Orchards

Summertime is made for cool drinks and this easy to make, delicious Rhubarb Punch will really hit the spot. Brought to us by Creekside Orchards. more

Food & Creativity


Eilidh Thain

Sweet, spicy, savoury, and buttery, these nuts will disappear quickly. more

, Food & Creativity

Pot Barley Soup

Mandy Maier

Keep warm throughout fall and winter with this hearty Pot Barley Soup. Get the full recipe and print jar labels too! more

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Auntie Judy's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mandy Maier

Cookies are difficult to resist at the best of times. Try these soft and chewy cookies with a mug of dark chocolate cocoa on a cool evening. more

Food & Creativity

Bruschetta Mix from Puglia Province more


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