Delmar Waiting for Brent

Myles Charles

Allen Sapp broke ground for First Nations artists using paint and canvas to reveal the intimacies between nature and Indigenous peoples. Myles Charles brings novelty and gentleness to this nationally important tradition. more


For years, baseball has been a fan favourite and centre of community in Saskatchewan. Our province has contributed national and international players to the game. more

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Dianne Warren

Dianne Warren

Dianne Warren’s towns are filled with people you know: the farmer of few words, the teenage troublemaker, the outcast, the busybody and the dreamer. more

Sask Books

CP Holiday Train

Joy McAdams

The CP Holiday Train stop lasts only about 30 minutes, but you might just find it puts you in the Christmas spirit right up until the big day. more

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Consider the Sunflowers

Elma Schemenauer

Rural women enjoyed many of the benefits from modernization but increased urbanization created new complications. Author Elma Schemenauer has explored the new realities facing women like her mother in her fictional book, Consider the Sunflowers. more

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Memories in Copper

Megan Hazel

Regina jewellery artist Megan Hazel has crafted wearable art using copper salvaged from the Legislative Building in Regina, creating a connection to the province you can wear near your heart. more



Lionel Hughes

In the heart of Regina sits a medieval castle. Its resident and builder waits by the door, inviting visitors onto the elaborate stage he has created. more


Boar by Ryan Brook

Ryan Brook

Raising wild boar for profit in Saskatchewan is an enduring lesson in building good fences between neighbours. more


Learning about the natural world can be as easy as going for a walk outside, but Saskatchewan is also rife with more formal outdoor education opportunities. more



Christalee Froese

Legally blind, Olympian Jacqueline Rennebohm could not get from point A to point B without Jewel the German Shepherd’s keen senses and sharp focus. more

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Prairies North Special Double Fall/Winter Issue 2017

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