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The argument for renewable energy sources over non-renewable seems clear. But even advocates of new technology point to new complications. more



Randy Mcculloch

Thanks to the enthusiastic response from Prairies North readers online, we had more photos than we could fit in the print magazine. more

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This year marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation and while Saskatchewan wasn't a province until 1905, we still have a lot to celebrate! more

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NatureCity Festival

Wild About Saskatoon

Since 2013, Wild About Saskatoon has been reminding people of the beauty of nature in the city's urban spaces through its NatureCity Festival. more


Krista Routledge Oct. 5

Krista Routledge

Fans of the Prairies North Facebook page often share their photos of our fine province. Here are a few of our favourites from fall 2015. more

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Darcy Dietrich

Two friends explore the creation of a new lake in the Cypress Hills to photograph and journal the transformation of a common prairie landscape into a wetland. more

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Eastern Kingbird

Sharie & David Krughoff

When nesting, eastern kingbirds are solitary creatures and feed primarily on insects. They have a strong attachment to nesting sites, returning year after year. more


Saskatchewan fox

Laurie Murray

Saskatchewan has an abundance of amazing critters to be found if you know where to look. Fans of the Prairies North Facebook page have shared dozens of such photos with us, and here we share a few of the cutest. more


Lionel Hughes

Lionel Hughes shares his personal feelings about being up close and personal with coyotes. Where do you weigh in on experience with these ever-present Saskatchewan predators? more

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  • Spring's sweet song

    Krista Routledge

    Spring's sweet song

    Photographer Krista Routledge says of this early morning shot: "I had been out for sunrise photos and ended up out in the country, north of Herbert, Sask. where I often drive. Here I watch for interesting fence posts and this time was happy to see a lovely meadowlark singing for me. A series of photos helped me capture this one with its mouth wide open in full song!"

  • Let's dance!

    Krista Routledge

    Let's dance!

    Photographer Krista Routledge says of this shot taken in southwest Saskatchewan: "Around dawn these birds gathered, putting on an amazing show, making it hard for me to chose the direction I should be shooting. With nearly two hours of watching them perform their dance of dominance, I felt so fortunate and happy with the opportunity I had been afforded."

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