Firewater by Harold R. Johnson

University of Regina Press

While writing for a very specific audience, Harold R. Johnson taps into the universal, creating a book that will force you to see alcohol in a new light. more

Sask Books

Sync City

Peter Ryan

In this post-apocalyptic science fiction tale, Saskatoon is the centre of a massive disturbance in time due to experiments gone awry at the Canadian Light Source. more

Sask Books


Susanne Nilsson

From innovations in agriculture like the development of canola, to rare wild mushrooms, to celebrity chefs like Dale MacKay, this province helps feed the country and the world. more

Food & Creativity

Idle No More

Thunder Currier

The Treaties signed between the British Crown and the First Nations in the late 1800s have shaped Saskatchewan and Canadian political and judicial culture. The founding of the Idle No More movement by four Saskatoon women seems to confirm that fact. more


Western Development Museum - North Battleford

Daryl Mitchell

You’ve probably done the drive, heading along the highway to an Alberta destination. But have you stopped to see what’s along the way? Here are our favourite must-stops on this much-travelled Saskatchewan road. more


Treaty 4 Pictograph

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

The numbered treaties between the Crown and the many First Nations that inhabited what was called Rupert’s Land were seen as necessary by the new nation to extend its jurisdiction all the way from western Ontario to the Pacific Ocean. more


Saskatchewan is home to Canada's most productive wetlands. Ducks Unlimited Canada is a major support in matching the needs of farmers for productivity with the need for wetland health. more

Jean Sauve

Barbara Woodley / Labatt Breweries Canada / Library and Archives Canada

Saskatchwewan politicians have always been dynamic and relevant to the national scene. Five milestones highlight our influence. more


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