Memories in Copper

Megan Hazel

Regina jewellery artist Megan Hazel has crafted wearable art using copper salvaged from the Legislative Building in Regina, creating a connection to the province you can wear near your heart. more »


Swift Current past present collage

Swift Current

Swift Current has a long history in Saskatchewan and it has changed a lot over the years. Here are a few of our favourite photos from the city's past and present. more »


In 2005, a group of young citizens, concerned about the fate of the vacant and deteriorating two-story structure, formed the Southwest Cultural Development Group to save Lyric Theatre and create a unique cultural venue. more »


Last sunset

Ryan Wunsch

Saskatchewan is beautiful all year round, but it is arguably at its best in the fall when the land is awash with colour and the golden light of early sunsets. more »

Photo Gallery

Coconut cream pie

Stacy Spensley, via Flickr.

When Sue Nicholson's father returned from Swift Current after his deployment there during the Second World War, he craved coconut cream pie, "an elusive recipe" Sue and her mother could never seem to perfect. more »

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