Saskatchewan is home to Canada's most productive wetlands. Ducks Unlimited Canada is a major support in matching the needs of farmers for productivity with the need for wetland health. more

Jean Sauve

Barbara Woodley / Labatt Breweries Canada / Library and Archives Canada

Saskatchwewan politicians have always been dynamic and relevant to the national scene. Five milestones highlight our influence. more


Olympian Ethel Catherwood

Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan R-A28518

Saskatchewan has contributed to Canada’s Olympic teams since the inter-war years. We’ve picked five notables among the dozens who have competed over the decades. more


Big Muddy

Tourism Saskatchewan / Douglas E. Walker

Did you know that Saskatchewan is one of two landlocked provinces in Canada (the other being Alberta), and that average temperatures here can vary more than 65 degrees Celsius throughout the year? more


Serjeant home near Summerberry

Ruth Bitner

Ruth Bitner's journey began in 2005, when she made the decision to visit 100 Saskatchewan towns. When she blew past that goal, she vowed to explore every dot on the highway map below the 54th parallel. more

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Emma Lake

Candice Walsh

We've rounded up the top five fastest-growing cottaging lakes in Saskatchewan, plus trends to note, and lakes to watch more


Amber Fang

Arthur Slade

The first instalment in what will be a series, Amber Fang is a novella about a vampire, the titular character. It’s a fun, quick read, with a slightly different take on vampires than you might have read in the past. more

Sask Books

Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam

Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam

Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam is as much a story about Saskatchewan and Canada as it is about the man. more

Sask Books

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